Sea turtle entangled in a mass of ocean debris in Sri Lanka - Ocean Photographer of the Year 2022
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Winner – Simon Lorenz An olive ridley sea turtle entangled in a mass of ocean debris, Sri Lanka

Photograph: Simon Lorenz/Ocean Photographer of the Year 2022

UW photographer & instructor & photo coach. Ambassador HOLLIS – BARE – ISOTTA Simon Lorenz recent trip to Sri Lanka we came across a floating ghostnet island. They  always check them on our ocean safaris to see if there are interesting fish gathering around these self-creating Fish Attraction Devices (FAD).

In this case they found a healthy Olive Ridley Turtle totally entangled in it, probably after resting on the island at night. It was hopeless entangled and would dry out and die slowly over the coming days and weeks.

They are guide had a knife and as a team we managed to free the turtle and send her on her way.

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